Roofing Restoration

Should I restore my existing roof?

Cardinal’s Roof Restoration Systems are an economical choice for owners and architects wishing to extend the service life of an existing roof system. This might be the first time you’ve considered simply restoring your existing roof. Or maybe you’re comparing costs versus an entirely new roof. We’ve helped many customers determine which option is right for them.

What factors make my roof right for restoration?

Often times, budget does not allow for the installation of a high performance Renewable Roof System such as SPF. Other factors may be the existence of two or more roof systems, which would require a complete and costly tearoff. Or perhaps your current roof system is in relatively good shape with good insulation but there are problem areas. These areas might be letting the elements penetrate the building envelope through the roof system. This is where Cardinal’s Roof Restoration Systems come in.

Not every roof is a good candidate for a restoration system, but many are. Only a FREE roof inspection from one of our qualified roof inspectors can determine if your roof is a candidate for a restoration system.

A perfect candidate for roofing restoration

How does roof restoration work?

With a Cardinal Roof Restoration System, your existing roof and its components remain in place. Depending on the type of system that the restoration system is to be applied to, numerous preparation methods are employed prior to the actual system install. These include steps such as tightening and/or replacing loose fasteners, addressing open seams, re-flashing as needed, and inspecting any penetrations in need of repair. The roof surface is then completely cleaned and primed. Then a restoration coating and reinforcement fabric, if necessary, are applied. The end result is a COMPLETELY RENEWED ROOF at a substantial savings. Furthermore, this occurs without the interruptions and lost productivity normally associated with re-roofing. Additionally, Cardinal’s Roof Restoration Systems will transform your roof from an energy robbing roof into a cool white energy saving roof system with a WARRANTY OF UP TO 20 YEARS.

Depending on the application, Cardinal will select the best Roof Restoration System for your type of roof.

Roof systems that may be eligible for a Cardinal Roof Restoration System include:

  • Single Ply (EPDM, PVC, TPO etc.)
  • Asphalt/BUR
  • Metal (Standing Seam, Corrugated etc.)

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